Unforgettable Moments at Free Day: A Vibrant Celebration of Community and Style

Unforgettable Moments at Free Day: A Vibrant Celebration of Community and Style

Yesterday, our team had the incredible honor of attending the highly anticipated Free Day event held at Hampton City Parks. It was a day filled with excitement, creativity, and an undeniable sense of community. We couldn't wait to share our experience and highlight the remarkable vendors who made the event truly memorable. From our interactions with the vibrant crowd to the incredible energy in the air, Free Day was a testament to the power of self-expression and urban style.


bobbyblaze757 picture with scales gym bag 

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the amazing vendors who were part of this remarkable event. Their passion, creativity, and dedication to their craft added an extra layer of excitement to Free Day. We want to give a special shout-out to ACM Always Counting Money, Leliasion, Driptize Clothing, and District 41 Sports Bar of Newport News. Each of these brands brought their unique flair and contributed to the vibrant atmosphere that Free Day was known for.


We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the Bethea Family for their gracious invitation to be a vendor at Free Day. Their commitment to creating timeless and epic events is truly commendable, and we are honored to have been a part of this extraordinary celebration. The Bethea Family's dedication to fostering a sense of community and providing a platform for artists and brands is truly inspiring.

Free Day was an event that will be etched in our memories for years to come. It was a day where creativity, community, and style converged, leaving an indelible mark on everyone who attended. We are excited to share our captivating photos, showcase the incredible vendors who participated, and extend our heartfelt thanks to the Bethea Family. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog post, where we'll take you on a visual journey through the vibrant world of Free Day.



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